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Innovating Music

Join our talks with diverse innovators about disruptive technologies in music.  We bring together with unique voices from inside and outside of the music industry. As Kevin Kelly has been quoted to say, “The Future is Already Here -- It’s just not evenly distributed.” Join us to see where the future may already have landed.

Jun 18, 2018

Robert has been on a 14-year quest: to translate music legally between languages and cultures. Lyrics are the #1 search term on the internet and Robert shares the story of LyricFind's path to creating a legal marketplace in the US for song lyrics, up to nearly a billion lyrics a month in volume. LyricFind is on a mission with far-reaching social implications: giving music subtitles, with many more translated songs than the top 50,000 and many more than 15 languages.

Guest: Robert Singerman, VP, International Publishing 
Robert joined LyricFind, the world’s leader in B2B Lyric Licensing, in 2013 as VP International Publishing and has opened its New York office. Before LyricFind, he had represented artists as diverse as R.E.M., James Brown, Gypsy Kings, and Fela Kuti, as well as Brazil, France and Europe in music export. Among his many adventures, he founded and directed the EU-funded European Music Office, US and the French Music Export Office, North America. Starting in 2004, he has worked on the challenge/obstacle of lyric translations solutions with many companies. He has spoken at conferences about lyric translation in Cannes, Brazil, Paris, NYC, Warsaw, Berlin, LA, Austin, Toronto, and New Orleans, and at the World Cultural Economic Forum.