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Innovating Music

Join our talks with diverse innovators about disruptive technologies in music.  We bring together with unique voices from inside and outside of the music industry. As Kevin Kelly has been quoted to say, “The Future is Already Here -- It’s just not evenly distributed.” Join us to see where the future may already have landed.

Jul 29, 2019

Shelita joins the podcast to share how as an artist she uses data and emotions to connect with fans and create community -- and to create music itself.  Most of us think about data and music about marketing -- which she has done well to attract more than 175,000 fans on a variety of platforms.  Shelita also uses behavioral data, with fan permission, to design tracks to appeal to targeted emotions and life stories.  In her recent album, she tells us of putting that process away and creating around emotion separate from data.  She talks about using artificial intelligence to predict human behavior with an aim of benefiting humanity, and tech as a vehicle to enhance music as a creator.  She discussed starting to learn to code at 8 and at first using computers to improve her community -- and then bringing that superpower to community through music.

Guest: Shelita, Pop Artist & Tech Innovator

Guest: Shelita, independent artist/writer/producer and tech innovation strategist

Shelita is a pop singer/writer/producer, data scientist and tech innovation strategist. Having amassed 20+ million streams with her EP, "Special" and reaching #24 on Billboard, Shelita has been a trailblazer in adapting new technologies such as blockchain to show the world a new artist model that puts artists first. Raised in Seattle, she left for Europe to pursue a music career and tour the world playing over 150 shows as a recording artist. She made her first appearance in the pop music scene going viral on social media. Shelita has just released her highly anticipated self-titled debut album, SHELITA.